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Your Olympic Confessions

Your Olympic Confessions

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Ashley Wagner is just like McKayla Maroney, in all the bad ways. Neither of them should have been selected to go to the Olympics in the first place, both were huge disappointments, and both are spoiled brats. And now, they even have their own respective bitchfaces going viral. 

Anonymous asked: Are you the same owner as athlete confessions?


I find Tom Daley, Jack Laugher, Chris Mears, and Tonia Couch inspirational. And no, not because I think they’re attractive (which they are).They work so hard. I respect them a lot.

It makes me so mad that the number of gymnasts keeps getting cut down, and there is a limit on the AA’s. The best of the best should be at the Olympics, and competing in the AA’s, and it shouldn’t depend on country and numbers, end of story.